If you embrace the “sexy” concept (which AOA have done with great gusto) you are always going to be sailing close to the wind The likes of Dal Shabet have found themselves in almost constant censorship hot water – the “Be Ambitious” skirt tear-off move was banned in 2013 the “B.B.B.” faux “rubbing” [coughs] sequence was forbidden in 2014 and the latest effort “Joker” is in a spot of bother with broadcasters KBS who are unhappy with the ’s wordplay even before the have debuted the song on TV Some people just can’t catch a break But AOA’s “Miniskirt” was the “sexy” routine that unfailingly got pulses racing for all sorts of reasons. As featured in Wonder s’ “Tell Me” 7/12/2017 by Tamar Herman Though they’ve been around for years and members have pursued their own careers on the side -- some act some are solo artists -- s’ Generation aren’t showing any signs of slowing down: The is planning to drop a special album in August to commemorate their 10th anniversary. We hadn’t seen moves like that since the. The “Shuffle ” As featured in T-ara’s “Lovely Dovey” As featured in A Pink’s “No. The K-pop world is jam-packed with all-singing all-dancing s And although attracting attention is not too difficult retaining it can be a real challenge But every now and then an act develops a piece of choreography that really stands out and has the power to live on in the memory See Also: 3 Things To Get Excited For In The Second Half Of "What's Wrong With Secretary Kim" One of the most resilient s in the industry before their break-up at the beginning of this year Wonder s dominated South Korea with their modernized retropop sound Hits like “Tell Me” and “Nobody” were some of K-pop’s first-ever viral successes and following a failed attempt at breaking into the U.S market and some lineup changes the ’s band-oriented Reboot in 2015 is one of the most impactful and successful rebrandings K-pop has ever seen It resulted in late-in-career greats with the synthpop slow burn “I Feel You” and the psychedelic “Why So Lonely” enabling Wonder s to end things on an extremely positive note.2 2NE1 1 s’ GenerationGoing strong 10 years into their career s’ Generation are undisputed K-pop royalty Formerly a nine-member the eight women of s’ Generation are well into their 20s but still charm South Korea regularly with their tightly produced pop songs and vibrant femininity.

Having already proven that they had skills with the debut song “Bad Good ” miss A’s sophomore release was a K.O blow in the stakes Hardcore K-pop fans will be aware of the fact that miss A’s boss Park Jin Young of JYP Entertainment was himself responsible for one of the most famous routines in K-pop,“Honey” So it should come as no surprise to learn that the members of JYP’s flagship are every bit as handy on the floor as their mentor The “Breathe” choreography leaves you gasping for right from the get-go but this quirky shoulder shuffle always gives me a bout of the giggles. F(X)’S effervescent brand of electronica and synthpop is both innovative and extremely accessible to non-K-pop fans with albums like Pink Tape Red Light and 4 Walls setting this quartet (formerly a fivesome) firmly apart from any other K-pop has seen this decade Unlike many Korean acts f(x) has focused on full-length albums rather than EPs and filled them with decadent pop tracks.6 Kara

I will admit that I was always somewhat skeptical about s’ Generation’s abilities as a pure act I mean the music is always on point and visually it is hard to argue with what the s bring to the table But as is the case with just about any with a large number of members the stage often seems too crowded I had to throw that opinion into the trash after “I Got a Boy” dropped though A great use of space some epic hair flicks (if you are fan of that kind of thing) and flowing movement you can hardly fault much about this release However the surprise head-banging sequence is as fun as it is unexpected. Speaking of EXID as we were earlier this track was the “Up and Down” of its day and instantly flung Brown Eyed s from life as a talented but geeky-looking fringe act into established sexbomb divas that continue to captivate fans to this day The video was risqué at the time and has lost none of its edge despite the fact that it is already half a decade old But the arms-folded hip-swaying was what really caught the public imagination and Korean TV was full of people doing often-horrendous copies of this move for months after the song dropped It is still the benchmark for all wannabe K-pop hip-swayers out there and goodness knows there are a lot. 9 ApinkSaccharine and lighthearted this has played it straight since 2011 and seen immense success because of it While the Korean music industry saw a surge of more dominating -power-focused female acts in the early 2010s when Apink was starting out the act stood out for their breezy pop tracks and innocent style Though their international presence is less than that of some other acts on this list Apink remains one of South Korea’s most popular s and has had a softening influence on many newer K-pop s with younger acts (Lovelyz Gfriend April etc.) veering toward lighthearted ishness. Living up to their name Taeyeon Tiffany Sooyoung Seohyun YoonA Yuri Hyoyeon Sunny and former member Jessica Jung shaped a generation of K-pop s when the bubbly “Gee” became Korea’s undisputed hit of 2009 Since then the s have stayed true to their classic sound coming up with ebullient hook-driven singles (“Hoot,” “Oh,” “Party,” etc.) and redirecting K-pop’s sonic styling with hits like their slinky “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie)” and the legendary genre-blending whirlwind that is “I Got a Boy.” More recently they’ve tried out a few more dramatic sounds like EDM on “Catch Me If You Can” and bold brass on “You Think” but still maintained the refreshing attitude that made them Korea’s reigning pop queens.

The “Epic Butt Shake” As featured in KARA’s “Mister” Since the late '90s when the original K-pop s S.E.S Baby V.O.X and Fin.K.L dominated airwaves Korea has produced a bevy of talented female it’s Week here at Billboard it’s time to take a look back at the teams of women who have had the most impact on the K-pop industry over the past miss AFrom their unconventional debut single “Bad Good ” to the aggressive bubblegum synth of their most recent track “Only You,” miss A has been one of the most forward-thinking K-pop acts Paying homage to Destiny’s Child with their Independent Women Part III EP and its anthem of a single “I Don’t Need a Man,” this former quartet -- Jia left in 2016 and the hasn’t released anything together since 2015 -- is one of of K-pop’s most empowering acts of the decade. 4 Brown Eyed sThough they began in 2006 as a vocal act that hid its faces from the public Brown Eyed s came out from behind the mics and has spent much of the last decade as K-pop’s most innovative musical act With conceptually driven pop songs that exude power the quartet -- K-pop’s longest-running without any member changes -- is always happy to push the envelope a bit They’ve done everything from promoting free speech in “Sixth Sense” to reveling in female sexuality with “Warm Hole,” but it was their arrogantly sexy 2009 hit “Abracadabra,” a new-wave electropop track that carved out Brown Eyed s’ place in K-pop history.3 Wonder s Too hot for TV (networks forced the to cut major parts out of its choreography or incur a total ban) the racy skirt-unzipping sequence was visual fireworks for supporters while for others it was a moral abomination No matter which side of the fence you were on there is no denying the fact that this move pretty much defined (and continues to define) the “sexy” concept. [Updated with Final Member] JYP’s Survival Show “SIXTEEN” Contestants Next Story K-Drama Trend: Mental and Cognitive Disorders Apologies for the long-winded moniker I have given this but it is quite a tough one to put into words If you watch a lot of music TV shows however you will be no stranger to this move as dozens of s have done variations on it K-pop historians can split hairs about which (or choreographer) first came up with the move but there is little arguing with the notion that A Pink’s version of it is definitive Easily the ’s strongest track on both a and musical level the fact that “No No No” had a very memorable routine helped really A Pink stand out in what was at the time a very overcrowded scene Before everyone and their mother began butt-shaking KARA had pretty much written the butt-shake manual with this move (0:00:11 in the video below) Although the chose to wear relatively baggy pants for the promotions of this track – almost unthinkable for contemporary s whose butt shakes now leave very little to the imagination – it was nothing short of revolutionary Although many other memorable K-pop butt s have surfaced both before and since very few have achieved the originality and staying power that the five-piece KARA achieved with “Mister.” A festival of disco balls flared trousers turntables and star-shaped sunglasses all of the classic disco moves made an appearance in this routine and then some It was a good old-fashioned follow-the-leader that even those with two left feet could attempt. Although Jewelry officially called it a day earlier this year the fourpiece’s imprint on the K-pop world is indelible largely because of this song – and more specifically this move If you have never seen it before you are probably wondering what the fuss is about but K-pop veterans will attest that once upon a time you could barely walk down the street in Seoul without getting jabbed in the ribs by the stray elbows of imitators of this (fairly straightforward) move In its day this was the Moonwalk the Mashed Potato and “Gangnam Style” all rolled. The online extension of Billboard Magazine is the essential online destination for the music business. The “Overhead Finger-link” As featured in Jewelry’s “One. Your browser is ancient! Upgrade to a different browser or install Google Chrome Frame to experience. In case you missed it you can check out the boyband edition of Most Memorable moves here But now join us on part two of our journey through some of the most noteworthy moves in K-pop history Go get ’em s! As featured in AOA’s “Miniskirt” Dal Shabet’s “Bling Bling” And not forgetting Crayon Pop’s “Saturday Night” But perhaps no has embraced the concept with as much glee as T-ara did for “Roly Poly,” a routine that influenced in no small part by the landmark movie of the disco era “Saturday. As featured in miss A’s “Breathe” As featured in EXID’s “Up and Down” An obvious pick yes but no less iconic for it This was a great even before the now-infamous 12 million-plus-hit Hani fancam video went viral but took on a new level of appeal after the user-upload took the K-pop world. Surely it would be too much to ask for more of the same thing? But no T-ara decided to do disco all over again with “Lovey Dovey,” a year later – this time with zombies and a furiously funky shuffle Seriously if you are not a fan of the fancy footwork going on circa the 3:58 mark in this video you have. Earlier this year, YouTube reported that viewership of Korean pop videos had grown from 700 million in 2010 to more than 5.5 billion in the last year Undoubtedly the K-pop scene's dedication to top-notch choreography helped drive up views with nearly every vid including at least one move that makes you hit the replay which K-pop vids boast the most eye-popping mind-blowing choreography? We discussed and settled on 13 that made us want to head to the studio right away From EXO and 2PM moving their many members totally in sync to solo stars like Taeyang and Kahi leading entire troupes here are the must-see moves of K- on for our picks and let your voice be heard by voting on your favorite at the end Hit us up in the comments if you've got one we missed. You’Ve read our list but what do you reckon Soompiers? Which K-pop moves have been the most memorable for you? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below! timmydee is a music geek with a penchant for pop an enthusiasm for electronica and a hankering for hip-hop When he isn’t writing for Soompi he is remixing your favorite K-pop tracks – with sometimes astounding (but often catastrophic) results *The views expressed in this article solely reflect those of the author and do not represent Soompi as. A game changing and possibly one of the most enduring K-pop s of them all if you are shrugging your shoulders at the inclusion of this song/ you clearly were not listening to K-pop in 2007 a time when you could not move in Korea for people trying to copy these moves and singing “T-T-T-T-T-Tell me” at you day and night The s even put this helpful video together but for dancing non-entities like myself arms and legs always ended up flailing off in the wrong direction This was arguably the genesis of the modern but the trick about this is that although it looked relatively simple it was almost impossible to execute properly. The “Head Bangers” As featured in s’ Generation’s “I Got. Disco may have had its heyday long ago in the 1970s and early 1980s but it is an almost constant source of inspiration for s and their choreographers There have been some classic disco-themed numbers through the years including F-ve Dolls’ funky “Soulmate #1” The “I Am the ” quartet dominated K-pop with their fierce charisma from day one with first single “Fire” in 2009 2NE1’s hard-hitting hip-pop styling launched a career that brought the act to astronomical heights and they paved the way for a more empowered side to K-pop s Between their pump-up jams and more vulnerable tracks like “Ugly” and “Lonely,” 2NE1 endeared the singers to K-pop fans around the world Though they struggled to move forward after peaking and were on hiatus between 2014 and their breakup track early this year 2NE1’s final album 2014’s Crush was the highest-ranked Korean album on the Billboard 200 for two years until it was beaten last October by BTS’ Wings. Exid went straight from also-rans to music/entertainment royalty thanks to these now-notorious thrusts although there is much more to both the song and the than booty shaking and hip lunges Even now coming on to a year after the song was first released you can barely watch a Korean variety show or drama without witnessing some kind of “Up and Down” reference The s will be pleased if their most recent effort “Ah Yeah” gets even half as much attention as its predecessor. There are few other acts in Korea who put their all into their performances the way After School did in the first few years of their career Whether it was transforming into a marching band during promotions for their punchy electropop jam “Bang” or emoting the sorrow of sleek synthpop track “First Love” through interpretive pole dancing few upped the stakes of K-pop presentation as much as this act And what After School didn’t do their quirky subunit Orange Caramel -- featuring members Nana Lizzy and Raina -- did Becoming human sushi was all in a day’s work for this whose ethos rests on being bizarrely cute Neither After School nor Orange Caramel have released any new music in Korea since 2014 but their impact is. Back in the day few acts could compare to Kara With propulsive beats and layered synths Kara reigned with hits like “Mister,” “Step” and “Lupin.” The ’s legacy rests on being one of the most impactful K-pop acts in Japan; with their addicting songs Kara dominated Japanese charts and became the first female foreign act to hold a show at the Tokyo Dome Breaking into the second largest music industry in the world was no small feat and Kara was considered a leader of the Korean wave's heyday of the early '10s.5 After School and subunit Orange Caramel 8 4MinuteWith rapper HyunA at at its epicenter 4Minute thrived on brash electropop songs during the first half of their career before experimenting a bit with their sound later on for some funky hip-hop (“What’s Your Name?,” “Whatcha Doin’ Today?”) and melancholic pop ballads (“Cold Rain”) As their career approached its end they dropped “Crazy,” one of the most dynamic songs K-pop has seen in the past decade before ending with the Skrillex-crafted EDM swan song “Hate.”7 f(x) © 2018 Billboard All Rights Reserved Terms of Use Privacy Policy About Our Ads Advertising is a member of Billboard Music a division of Billboard-Hollywood Reporter Media As featured in Brown Eyed s’ “Abracadabra”